Toy Fair Online Coverage for 2020 – Toy Fair Everywhere!


PAGE UPDATED: 8/3/2020

Despite Covid-19 forcing quarantines, the folks running the Toy Fair trade show have creatively turned a traditionally face-to-face marketplace (like the one we covered last winter in New York) into an online event for this summer.

It’s a first time for such a thing, so there will be a learning curve – but even though you can’t touch or feel the toys, you can at least see what toy companies have planned for retail and more importantly these days, online sales.

As we’re not able to bring our gear to shoot video, this Toy Fair will mostly be covered with the written word and photos. Still, we’ll do our best to include video clips as well whenever possible.


Young is a Jack-of-many-trades. He's lived/worked on several continents for all sorts of companies (and has had his own too.) He meditates with origami and likes coffee, though he really should lay off that stuff.

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