Handwarmers Never Looked So Cute! (Toy Fair Everywhere 2020)


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Noxxiez Handwarmers

Noxxiez make plush toys that double as handwarmers and stools. Who says you can’t add a bit of utility to the fun?


They’re round and furry, and remind me of elegant Russian fur handwarmers. These are much cuter though, and they come in about a dozen different animal designs from husky pup to koala bear. There are openings on both sides of the doll to insert your hands.

Noxxiez handwarmers

My favorite design is probably the bunny. It’s got long floppy ears, wee little paws and looks extremely huggable.


The stools are also modeled after animals and look great for use in children’s rooms. They have eight models from elephants to buffalos in colors that are easy on the eyes but not too boring either. The seat looks cushioned, and has a square’ish body on top of wooden legs. The head is added to one side of the seat, so you can both sit and “ride” on it.


More info: https://noxxiez.com
Event: Toy Fair Everywhere 2020 (July 2020)


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