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First L00k (w/two zeros) is a showcase for everything us tech geeks could ever want.

Get the good word about new products (from the company’s own reps!) as we search high and low for the latest, coolest, and possibly oddest things you really should get your hands on. And if that’s not enough, our reviews/how2’s should help you make up your mind.

Because let’s face it, most companies outside of huge brands go largely unnoticed – let’s dig in and find out what else is out there!

Feature your thing on First L00k

If you’re a company with (or are a viewer who found) a really awesome product that you believe a tech geek could use in their arsenal, give us a holler. We’ll investigate the ones our “geek radar” approves of for a short-hand “Tech Talk” write-up or video – or possibly do a full review. Remember, the only way to get it out there is to tell your story as many times as possible.

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* Or email us at: info [at] firstl00k [dot] com