From Fantastic Beasts to Undercover Corgis from Squishables Plush (Toy Fair Everywhere 2020)


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Squishable @Toy Fair Everywhere

Squishable has a huge variety of plush dolls – from micro sized bunnies that you can clip to your bag to massive hamburgers you can lay on while watching tv.

The cutest one that had me do a double take is the Undercover corgi. It looks like an avocado plush doll from the back, but turn it to the front and you see a corgi’s face sticking out of it! It’s actually 2-in-1 where you can pull out the corgi from its avocado disguise.

There are many plush animals working “undercover” in this series, from corgis in unicorns to bunnies in cupcakes. There are about 20 different models with removable disguises.

Squishable‘s Comfort Food series come in all different sizes and shapes, from triangular pizzas to long hotdogs and rounded pink donuts. Really, you can have a lot of fun playing around with these shapes (especially with the big oversized ones).

From magical creatures like unicorns to the not-so-magical (but truly adorable!) fluffy bunnies, Squishable is bound to have something to fit your plush needs.

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Event: Toy Fair Everywhere 2020 (July 2020)


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