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Boogie board @ToyFair Everywhere

Black board or chalk board – you write on it, erase what you’ve written, then rinse and repeat. The people at Boogie Board offer an “electronic version” of this tried and true way to communicate – without the mess of chalk dust on your hands or the accidental black marker’ing of your favorite shirt.

Products range from portable to large classroom sizes and come with a board (tablet) and a stylus pen. It’s all electronic so there’s no ink; you write or draw what you want, and push a button to clear the board when you’re done.

Higher end models have two very useful features:

  1. The stylus pen can “erase”
  2. The board is semi-transparent

So without having to clear the whole board, you can “erase” just the parts you want, like using a pencil.

The semi-transparency lets you place stencils underneath to act as guides (the lined template is great if you’re writing notes). If you’re an artist, you can place pictures underneath to draw copies.

The only thing I didn’t see was a way to quickly save your scribblings. There’s an app you can download from Boogie Board, but since the tablets don’t have wifi, I don’t see what good an app will do in this case.

It would be super useful to have, for example, a “quick-save” button and a micro-SD card slot to save a screenshot of your work (like a transparent png file).

More info:
Event: Toy Fair Everywhere 2020 (July 2020)


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