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00:00 – Intro & Unboxing

Pros: Built to last!
02:43 – Replaceable batteries/earcups
03:44 – Build quality
04:24 – Wireless compatibility

05:01 – Very comfy
05:25 – Audio (quality & features)
06:39 – Mic tests (Boom arm & built-in mic)

07:51 – Meh… Volume dial
08:46 – Meh… Noisy housing
09:00 – Things I can’t… (do/stand)

10:41 – Where to find Software & Guides
11:39 – Conclusion

The Stealth Pro is Turtle Beach’s newest flagship gaming headset of 2023. It’s compatible with almost all gaming systems from Xbox to PlayStation to Nintendo Switch, as well as with PCs, Macs and smartphones. This is thanks to the 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.1, both of which can be connected at the same time.

This headset can last a lifetime. Build quality is superb and you can replace parts like earcups, mic, and even the rechargeable battery (comes with 2 in the box). So as long as Turtle Beach continues to sell these parts, you can use this headset practically forever.

Audio quality is very good, but tuned with heavy bass for people who like deep sounding music (Hip Hop, Rock & Roll) and movies with loud explosions. This can be altered to your liking using the equalizer on their free downloadable app for Android & iOS (link below). The Superhuman hearing sound mode is also really helpful when gaming, especially for enhancing the sound of footsteps.

A desktop software is also available for customizing and upgrading firmware on either PC or macOS. Both app and desktop software is called the Turtle Beach Audio Hub.

Download 100x

Download Turtle Beach Audio Hub
– select Stealth Pro on pull-down menu

The Stealth Pro isn’t perfect; the volume dial had so much potential, but underwhelming during use. Battery life is 10-12 hours. You can hear friction noise when you rotate the volume dial. There’s a flashing green light when connected via Bluetooth which can be annoying when in a dark environment.

By and large however, they’re minor niggles and the overall picture of this headset is a very positive one. It’s built like a tank with no weak points (unlike the Stealth 700 Gen2 Max that did, though we liked it overall). Worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new headset

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

More Info:
(Test unit provided by Turtle Beach for this review.)


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