Jabber Balls by Sankyo – You Squeeze, They Squeal! (Toy Fair Everywhere 2020)


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First published: 7/16/2020
UPDATE (video added): 7/28/2020

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One squeeze is all it takes to get you hooked. They look like really cute “chibi” animals (well known to those who watch anime), with big eyes and heads. It’s no surprise then that it’s made by Sankyo, a Japanese company.

The most indearing aspect across all their Jabber Ball products is the tongue action. With every squeeze, the toy sticks its tongue out at you; and the harder you squeeze, the louder it’ll squeak. Want it to coo instead? Squeeze lightly and for longer.

Squeeze a Jabber Ball

Jabber Balls come in several sizes, to either sit on your desk or hook to your bag. They also have an alien version that took me off guard with its super long tongue (reminded me of a frog throwing out its tongue like a fishing line to catch food.)

The newest line (they just arrived to the US this week) are the Squirbbles. These guys can squirt water for some bath time fun!

These toys can be a case of love-it-or-leave-it. While it can be a ton of fun to play with, it could also mean dire straits should it fall into the wrong hands (like an annoying co-worker or a young child who loves pushing your buttons.)

Which camp do you fall into?

More info: https://www.sankyotoys.com
Event: Toy Fair 2020 (July 2020)


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