3Doodler Flow 3D Printing Pen and Bulk Filaments -Holiday of Play 2023


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The 3Doodler Flow is the latest 3D printing pen from Wobbleworks. It works with 1.75 sized filament, making it compatible with 3rd party filament makers and is also USB-C compatible for charging and comes with temperature control and readout. It uses the same nozzle sets as other 3Doodler pens for easy swappability.

3Doodler offers downloadable stencil sets for you to create some amazing doodles. The latest types are for making 3 dimensional shapes like spheres, mountains, models of wormholes or atoms, and even fidget toys.

Filament Bulk Bags

For those creators who use a lot of filament, you can now buy bulk bags. They come in packs of 75, or if you want a LOT more, bags of 250 pieces.

More Info: https://the3doodler.com
Event: Holiday of Play (September 2023)


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