Dolls and Figures by Madame Alexander for 2023-2024 @Toy Fair 2023


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00:00 Introduction
00:19 Birthday, Communion, Ballet
00:44 Holidays

01:14 Historical, International
01:39 Storybook (Fairy tales)
02:10 It’s All Me dolls

Madame Alexander showed a huge variety of their dolls and new products at Toy Fair 2023.

Their latest line of It’s All Me dolls are all about girls and their hobbies. These 8 inch dolls are from all walks of modern life and come in different outfits and accessories to suit their likes, like soccer and pizza or yoga and baking.

This is of course, in addition to their traditional lines from historical (think Gilded Age) and fairy tale dolls (like Snow White) to holidays and international types.

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Event: NY Toy Fair (Sep-Oct, 2023)


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