Dog-E, The Fun Robot Companion by WowWee -Holiday of Play 2023


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Dog-E is WowWee’s fun, lovable robot dog companion to keep you company. You can play games with it give it commands and get responses in your interactions.

You can think of adopting your Dog-E sight-unseen; it comes in a blind-box where you can get from various different options, such as:

  • Ears – both are black, or one black & one white
  • Eyes – different shapes (half circles, rectangular or stars)
  • Tongue – different colors (e.g. pink or gold)

You won’t know until you open the box!

While you can play with Dog-E all on its own, you have access to many options with the app. You can customize color lighting of its eyes and paws for example, and issuing commands for play.

My favorite thing is the message display when wagging its tail. You can create color messages and pictures that displays on it when it wags!

More Info:
Event: Holiday of Play (September 2023)


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