PaiBotz AR Programming for Kids by Pai Technology @Toy Fair 2019


Pai Technology presents their PaiBotz AR programming kit for kids. It combines real life hardware in the form of a robot with visual programming on a tablet that you can see in real-time via augmented reality (AR).

Pai Technology Toyfair 2017Pai Technology connects screen time with hands-on, real time fun at Toyfair 2017. Watch it on YouTube:

There’s 6 robots to choose from that you build yourself, with easy-to-follow instructions on a tablet that’s viewable in 360 degrees. After your bot is built, you use it to navigate through a game-like story through an AR world with different levels of instruction.

It’s programming with a lot of gaming fun built in! Watch the video above for the details.

More info:
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Toy Fair Event (02/19)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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