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00:00 – Introduction
00:11 – How Pixicade Works
00:47 – Pixicade Pets
01:22 – What’s included

Pixicade lets you create your own videogames by drawing it on a piece of paper.
Let that sink in.
One more time: You can make a videogame by drawing it on a piece of paper!

Anyone who knows about designing videogames should be shaking their heads in disbelief – because this shouldn’t be possible. But the software engineers that created this platform has made it easy enough for a child to make their own game.

The use of color markers differentiate the hero from enemies, obstacles, walls and collectables. If you have enough imagination to draw and color, this is a truly awesome way to create something that you can play and share with others who also use Pixicade.

But as great as this product is, they’ve gone one step further with Pixicade Pets. This time, the colors don’t matter (except for visual pleasure) and you’ll be able to create and play with your pet in the environment that you draw. It reminds me of Tamagotchi pets, except you’re creating your own!

More Info: https://www.pixicade.com
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