Shadybug and Claw Noir & More! by Playmates @Toy Fair 2023


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Video Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Fashion dolls: Shadybug, Claw Noir & Lady Ubiquity
01:55 Wedding Dreams gift set & Crush pack

03:00 New Heroez for Magic Heroez Transformation Surprise (8 total)
03:47 Dress-up sets for Ladybug and Cat Noir
04:24 6” Plush dolls

Playmates Toys has 3 new fashion dolls for Miraculous Ladybug from the Miraculous World: Paris tv special. They include Lady Ubiquity and the villanous Shadybug and Claw Noir. These will be available in 2024.

From season 5 where Ladybug and Noir dream that they get married, we have the Wedding Dreams Gift Set. Then there’s the re-imagined Crush Pack with Marinette in a skirt and Adrien with his derby hat that Marinette made for him.

From Magic Heroez Transformation Surprise, there will be 5 heroez total for 2023: Rabbit, Fox, Bee, Turtle and Ladybug. An additional 3 are planned for 2024 to start, including Cat, Dragon and Tiger.

Finally, there’s the Ladybug dress-up set with mask and yoyo for the ladies and the Cat Noir set for the gents.

More Info:
Event: NY Toy Fair (Sep-Oct, 2023)


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