Toto’s Latest Toilet Cleans Itself – So You Don’t Have To

Toto UV Toilet

Using the latest in anti-bacterial technology, Toto’s top of the line Neo Rest A/C 2017 toilet is self cleaning using UV lights built into the toilet cover. But the lights alone do nothing without the special Sefiontect glaze in the bowl – it’s the combination of the two creates the photocatalytic process that kills bacteria.

It’s got a wall mounted tank hidden behind the wall and comes standard with heated seats, built in bidet, water temperature/pressure control, warm air blower (no toilet paper needed), a nightlight and sensors that open and close the lid automatically.

Finally, it only uses .8 gallons per flush and comes with a remote control with a pricetag of $12,000.


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If you’re happy with the toilet you already have, then a retrofit with the Washlet Toilet Seat might be what you’re looking for. Coming in at $1600, it features heated seats, a bidet, sensors for automatic lid open/close, water temperature/pressure controls, remote, and has a pressure sensitive seat failsafe that allows certain functions to work only when someone is sitting on it. This model does not have self cleaning technology.

From the Luxury Tech Show 2017, New York City

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