Como Audio’s Easy-to-use Speaker Products

Como Audio Duetto and Amico

Boston based Como Audio offers multi-source wireless hi-fi music system, with built in Spotify, bluetooth, internet radio, FM radio and with some models, a CD player! It’s one of the few players that don’t need a phone or app to play music.

It looks great from an industrial design point of view and has a nice sized screen for info. They’re one of the few companies to take privacy concerns into consideration and will not install software updates automatically – at least not before confirming with you first.

They currently offer four models:

  • Solo ($299) – Easiest to use with 30Watts of power and 2.8″ color display
  • Duetto ($449) – Double the Solo’s number of tweeters, woofers and power at 60 Watts
  • Amico ($399) – Portable, 8 hours battery life, marine grade plywood finished with teak coating that keeps it safe from high moisture
  • Musica ($649) – Has all the functions of the Amico, ethernet connection, three additional streaming services and also plays CD’s

Como Audio Musica and Solo


Check prices on Amazon (Affiliate links – costs you nothing to check out!) — Solo — Duetto — Amico portable — Musica

From the Luxury Tech Show 2017, New York City
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