My Avastars & Twilight Daycare by WowWee -Holiday of Play 2022


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When you buy My Avastars, you’re actually getting two versions at the same time:

  1. A real, physical figure for the real world
  2. An avatar version to play with in the metaverse

A large part of the fun is customizing the clothing and accessories, which you can do in both worlds.

Twilight Daycare is a popular game on Roblox. Similar to My Avastars, this toy from WowWee also comes in 2 versions; one that you can play with in the real world and one in the game.

For fun, pick up a blind box version; it contains one of 6 different dolls (and with a bit of luck, hopefully you get the one you wanted.)

Check Prices on Amazon — My Avastars KawaiiPie — My Avastars A VibeThng — Twilight Daycare -Blind box — Twilight Daycare -Deluxe Unicorn Baby pack

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