The First Shade Umbrella to Move with the Sun!


Shadecraft’s new shade umbrella is called the “Sunflower” for its ability to automatically reposition itself towards the sun. This unit saves you the headache of constantly having to get up to fiddle with the umbrella angle as the sun moves overhead. The automatic movement means constant shade – no more waking up after a nap to discover some awful sunburn baked on your skin.

It’s Smart

It’s smart enough to operate itself once it’s turned on, collecting power from the sun using built-in solar panels and retracting itself when the wind starts blowing hard via the integrated safety sensors.

Keeps An Eye On Your Kids

There’s a built-in security camera right on the umbrella showing you what’s happening in real-time. Whether it’s keeping an eye out for intruders or your kids out of trouble around the pool, you’ll always be able to see what’s happening in the area.

It’s connected to the IoT

The Sunflower is wifi and bluetooth enabled for connection to the IoT (Internet of Things). If you already have working IoT components in your smart home, this is a nice addition to extend that functionality.

Deliveries are set to be made Q3 of 2018 with price to be determined.

From the Luxury Tech Show 2017, New York City
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