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Moen U - Shower Controls

Moen U IoT Shower Controls

The Moen U is Moen’s modern take on shower fixtures that saves you time and stops water waste. This smart controller runs the hot water tap and pauses it when the exact temperature you want is reached. This not only saves water, but also signals when you can jump in, saving you time from waiting and wondering whether the water’s hot enough. And that’s only part of what this system can do.

The First Shade Umbrella to Move with the Sun!

Shadecraft new shade umbrella is called the “Sunflower” for its ability to automatically reposition itself towards the sun. This unit saves you the headache of constantly having to get up to fiddle with the umbrella angle as the sun moves overhead. The automatic movement means constant shade – no more waking up after a nap to discover some awful sunburn baked on your skin.