Sony Reveals 4K Camcorders – PXW-Z90V, HXR-NX80, FDR-AX700 (Video)

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ony Pro camcorders revealed three of their newest 4K camcorders: the PXW-Z90V, HXR-NX80, and their prosumer Handycam FDR-AX700. All of them inherit the super fast auto-focus system from Sony’s Alpha camera line and have a 4K 1″ Sensor. If you’re more interested in cinema type cameras, Panasonic just came out with the amazing 5.7K Varicam EVA1.

And as with all gadget lines, the higher end models carry more capabilities:

  • handle attachment with more controls
  • XLR audio inputs
  • MI hotshoe wireless audio and lighting attachments
  • Timecode link capability
  • Streaming filesMonitoring/control from your smartphone via CBM app

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[pullquote-right]All camcorders inherit the super fast auto-focus system from Sony’s Alpha camera line[/pullquote-right]

Then there’s the MI hotshoe for ENG or Run ‘n Gun shooters where light weight is a huge advantage. It allows you to replace the entire handle/XLR/mic component with a 2 channel wireless receiver that connects audio directly without plugging anything into XLR.

Add to that the ability to control multiple cameras remotely via LANC remote using Sony RM-30BP controller (including the FS7 and NX5R) and it’s possible to have a multi cam setup that doesn’t require an operator for each camera.

If you want even more options in 4K camcorders, consider the Z90 that has all of the above plus SDI and HDMI output ports and FTP capabilities.

All of this and more is explained in the video above.

More info:

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link – costs you nothing!) — Sony FDR-AX700 4K


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