Maskfone Integrates Mask Protection with Wireless Headphones (Pepcom 2021)


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MaskFone London

Maskfone is a two-in-one mask with a filter to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and has integrated earbuds/microphone for making calls or listening to music while connected to your phone.

Mask function

Maskfone has inserts on the inside where a filter can be placed. After the recommended use time is reached, it can then be replaced with a new one. Two types of filters are available, PM 2.5 (2.5 micron particulate filter) and N95 (.3 micron particulate filter). Maskfone recommends replacing filters after:

  • 8 continuous hours with PM 2.5
  • 40 continuous hours with N95

Audio function

The earbuds and mic are integrated into the mask, making it easy to use without fiddling with annoying cables. On a call, the person on the other side will clearly hear your voice since the microphone is near the front of the mask.

When it comes to the earbuds, they can be adjusted to sit next your ears – within easy reach. Super useful when it’s your turn in line to order coffee and need to take them off for just a few seconds. There are media controls on the front of the mask for play/pause and volume up, volume down. These buttons are raised, allowing you to feel for them instead of taking off your mask to have a look.

The earbuds connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth wireless and has a battery life of 12 hours. And when you want to wash your Maskfone, you can remove the electronic parts (headphone/mic) before doing so.


There are two versions of Maskfone currently for sale:

  • Maskfone (contains mask, earbuds and 3 filters)
    $49.99 – PM 2.5 type filter x 3
    $69.99 – N95 type filter x 3
  • Filter replacement packs
    $19.99 – PM 2.5 x 30
    $19.99 – N95 x 5

They’re available online at their website, Amazon and Target. Sizes are in Small/Medium or Medium/Large.

More Info:
Event: Pepcom Digital Experience (Jan 2021)


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