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00:00 – Introduction
00:09 – Black Adam
00:29 – Figure + Comic Book packs
00:45 – Batman ’22 movie & Batman ’66 TV figures
01:06 – Warhammer & Legend of Vox Machina
01:19 – My Hero Academia
01:29 – New Spawn figures
01:41 – Disney Mirrorverse

Lots of new stuff from McFarlane Toys starting with action figures from the new Black Adam movie and going back to the Batman film from February earlier in 2022. They also have bundled action figures with comic books and retro figures from the 1966 Batman tv show.

Newer properties include:

  • Warhammer
  • Legend of Vox Machina
  • My Hero Academia
  • Original & re-imagined Spawn
  • The new Disney Mirrorverse app based game

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