Trova Secures Your Valuables Discretely (Pepcom 2021)


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Trova Go
Trova Go

Trova makes personal storage devices that securely locks away your valuables whether it’s a small one in your bag or larger version on your desk. These award winning products are made of an aluminum alloy and is designed by the NY firm Aruliden to look elegant – without drawing attention.

Being privacy oriented, there’s nothing to give away the fact that it holds valuables. The smallest box actually looks like a portable power bank or a small disk drive, which are quite a common sight these days. And since fingerprint readers could draw attention, they’ve been left out on purpose.

Trova storage devices are unlocked via a smartphone app on a Bluetooth or WiFi connection, and can be set up with biometric release (like using facial recognition). That’s two levels of security already, the first to unlock your smartphone and the second the Trova security app.

There are several different sizes:

  • Trova Go – the smallest and most portable, it’s roughly the size of two cigarette packs end to end. It’s big enough to hold your cash, wedding rings, prescription meds, or even mace. MSRP: $199
  • Trova Home – the largest size (flagship) for the bedside table, bathroom counter or mantle. It has movable trays for 2 layers of organization and 2 internal USB charging ports. To maintain the contents of the box, it’s got a humidity sensor for tracking moisture levels and uses a cam lock for a tight seal (that conceals odors).
  • Trova Go+Plus – 60% larger on the inside than the Trova Go for people who need just a bit more space while keeping it portable. MSRP: $229
Trova Home

All Trova products are battery operated and with once-a-day use, should last about a month. The green light on the power button will flash red when there’s only enough power for one more operation, but there’s also a battery indicator on the app so you can monitor how much power it has left.

A couple of things to note, Trova products are not made to be fireproof (that would probably result in a much heavier product) and while not hermetically sealed, they do seal tightly for discretion and privacy. This comes in handy especially if you have children who shouldn’t have access to certain things like prescription meds, vapes or the Mary Janes for example.

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