Ampere’s Hydro-powered Speaker & UV Light Sanitizer (Pepcom 2020)


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Ampere just introduced two interesting products – Shower Power, a hydro-powered speaker and Cell, a UV light sanitizer.

Shower Power

Shower Power
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Shower Power is a BlueTooth speaker that recharges its batteries using hydro power created from the flow of your shower water! It gets attached between the shower outlet and the shower head and generates 150 mAh of power using a built-in impeller.

It’s green; made of 100% recycled ocean plastic and is rated IP67 for full use in watery environments (like in your shower).

Sound is pumped out at 360 degrees via a 40mm driver at 5W. But if one speaker isn’t enough, there’s an add-on speaker called Droplet that automatically detects and pairs with an existing Shower Power.

The battery is 2,600mAh giving you 170 hours of use with water running (and up to 14 hours if it isn’t). A full charge will take 20 hours from 0 to 100%.

It’s available in 4 colors to match your bathroom (off white, crisp white, chrome & matte black) and if your shower is up high, there’s a remote control available too. This product is currently a kickstarter project for $59 and will ship sometime around January/Frebruary.


Cell - Wireless charging & sanitizing
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This one’s unique – Cell double duties as a UV smartphone sanitizer and a Qi wireless charger.

It’s flat for easy transport, but uses a silicon accordion system to “open up” into a box that you can place your phone into. Four UVC LEDs will then turn on for a minute, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The wireless charger uses 2 x 15W wireless charging coils to cover a wide area (so you don’t have to place the phone in one certain area). What’s really cool is the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) capability. It’s the same type of charging system that powers laptops via USB-C cables, so you can stick the same charger into Cell too. Not only that, but you can charge a second phone or accessory via USB-C cable at the same time.

Finally, Cell can be used as an angled phone rest by expanding one side of the accordion. It’s really convenient to watch a movie or see alerts on your phone without having to pick it up all the time. It’s available now for $99.95.

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