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Ricoh Theta is a 360 degree camera that’s designed for easy use with a single push of a button. It uses a dual lens and shoots in 4K without having to use a smartphone or external recording media. We were shown 3 models for a range of users from beginner to pro: the SC2, V and the Z1 flagship.

Theta SC2

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This is the easiest model to use and has many presets for fast point and shoot. The screen is a nice OLED display for taking 360 degree images and video. It was launched in 2020 and comes in a choice of 4 colors for $299.99.

  • Storage: 14GB (~32 min of video)
  • Battery: ~70 min (for video)
  • Micro USB port

Theta V

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This model has more features for advanced users, such as photo enthusiasts and videographers. It supports live streaming has a 4 channel mic, and includes enhanced video options and higher transfer speeds for $379.99.

  • Storage: 19GB (40min of video)
  • Battery life: ~80 min for video
  • Micro USB port

Theta Z1 Flagship

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Ricoh’s top of the line model for advanced photographers & videographers offers more in editing capabilities, better hardware (like a 1” CMOS sensor & 4 channel mic), and more settings options. It’s also equipped with an LCD panel for battery levels and other settings/stats and costs $999.99.

Photos can be taken in 23MP resolutions (6720×3360) and saved in dual RAW DNG & JPG formats. Audio can be saved in AAC and 4 channel Linear PCM.

There is live stream support and video resolutions are up to:
4K @3840×1920, 29.97fps, 120 Mbps (~40 min)
2K @1920×960, 29.97fps, 42 Mbps (~130 min)

  • Storage: ~19GB
  • Battery life: ~60 min for video
  • USB-C 3.0 port

All models are equipped with Bluetooth and wi-fi for wireless file transfers and 1/4-20” mount for tripods. They all come with a padded sleeve for protection and a USB cable.

3 apps are available, 2 mobile and 1 desktop:

  • Theta basic app for shooting, viewing and sharing
  • Theta+ app for editing stills & videos (plus filters & effects) & sharing on social media
  • Theta desktop lets you view and share on social media and update firmware.

More info:
Event: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular (Oct 2020)


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