Crayola Markers Unleash Your Inner Artist with scents, color shifts & more! -Sweet Suite 2023


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Lots of new coloring products for your inner artist, including:

HD Coloring Kit – Choose your colors wisely when coloring in the photographic stencils

Scribble Scrubbie – “Scribble” on your animal with the color markers. To scribble something different, just “Scrub” off the colors with water and scribble some more!

Color Wonder – “No-mess” safety markers that only work with the specially included paper.

Silly Scents Smashups – Scented markers and colored pencils, like red velvet, caramel macchiato, berry smoothy, smores, strawberry shortcake, peanut butter and jelly sandwich & more!

Doodle Markers – The colors from these markers change when different colors cross over each other. Using a purple marker over a light blue will result in a bright green, for example. They’re available in different thicknesses, from thick to ultra fine.

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Event: Sweet Suite (July 2023)


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