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1More Comfobuds Pro

1More Comfobuds Pro goes above and beyond what Airpods Pro can offer for only $100. It buys you QuietMax ANC, 6 ENC mics, 1More’s signature sound tuning and up to 28 hours of music listening with the rechargeable case.

So unless you’re a die-hard Apple fan, the Comfobuds Pro are certainly worth checking out.

Full press release below:

This year’s 1MORE launch is sure to bring the fight to Apple and give their loyal fanbase a serious dilemma in choosing what pair of wireless earbuds are right for them as 1MORE’s offering undercuts the AirPods Pro by over a $100 whilst offering so much more

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 23, 2021 – 1MORE, a globally distributed premium consumer audio company, today announced what they call their new “AirPods Pro Killer” in the form of the ComfoBuds Pro. Recently 1MORE received three 2021 CES Innovation Honoree Awards, marking 12 such awards in just the last four years that makes 1MORE the most awarded headphone brand by the CTA over that same period. One such product taking home those awards this year was the new 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro ($99); dubbed the “AirPods Pro Killer”. 1MORE has now expanded its true wireless family to include nine new headphones, all released in just the last year and a half. Since 2015 1MORE has been climbing the ranks in the premium consumer audio market with award-winning designs packed with 1MORE’s signature sound and solid build quality at extraordinary pricing. The recently launched ComfoBuds ($59) and the new ComfoBuds Pro ($99) are 1MORE’s answer to Apple’s AirPods family and are positioned to be “AirPods Killers” defeating the AirPods series on multiple factors including, price, sound quality, comfort and 1MORE’s new proprietary QuietMax ANC Technology that was introduced last year with 1MORE’s flagship buds; the True Wireless ANC ($199).

The ComfoBuds Pro is 1MORE’s 6th True Wireless product to hit the market this year and represents 1MORE’s effort in bringing comfortability and portability to the True Wireless category, while still delivering that highly touted sound signature that 1MORE is famed for. The ComfoBuds Pro will provide it’s users with 1MORE’ aforementioned QuietMax ANC Technology, and 6 ENC mics (3 per earbud) backed by an AI powered deep neural network for crystal clear calls. All this combined is the perfect recipe for an unbeatable pair of wireless earbuds priced at less than half that of the AirPods Pro that will strike at the heart of Apple. In fact, while at first glance they may appear as another ‘AirPods Clone’ to hit the True Wireless market, 1MORE’s inspiration – actually – comes from their desire to represent the flowing nature of dripping liquid metal from the smooth, curvaceous, bulbous drop to a streamlined decadent narrowed tip as the liquid metal flows down giving its tail-like nature. This sleek aesthetic makes the ComfoBuds Pro as much a fashion statement as it is an audio accessory in a similar way that Apple’s buds are positioned in the market.

Furthermore, 1MORE’s QuietMax ANC Technology changes the way headphones deliver ANC by combining hybrid ANC technology and precise audio to immerse listeners into a captivating Hi-Fi audio environment therefore providing superior active noise cancelling alongside 1MORE’s signature sound for the ultimate sound experience. The 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro offer a total of 5 adaptive modes to tailor the ANC experience to suit one’s needs. These include a full-fat ANC experience to block out external sounds up to 35dB best reserved for flight travel and small music gatherings, a lesser more subtle ANC experience more suited for chatty environments such as cafés, a WNR mode (dubbed Wind Noise Resistance) to filter out specific microphonic frequencies caused by the wind attacking the feed-forward microphone facing the outside of the earbud, another mode called Pass-Through that intelligently allows certain frequencies to come through the ANC mics to allow the user to be more consciously aware of their surroundings and listen out for important information such as travel announcements at the underground Metro, and finally ANC off for a purer listening experience with 1MORE’s signature sound and 1MORE’s titanium composite 13.4mm Dynamic Driver housed inside each earbud that delivers an authentic and balanced sound.

Moreover, 1MORE’s ComfoBuds Pro provide the user with more than a day’s charge with up to 28-Hours of seemingly non-stop listening pleasure thanks the rechargeable case that features Fast Charge Technology allowing the buds to receive 2-Hours of juice after a quick 15-Minute charge, thus providing its users a solution for all day, on-demand use. Additionally – unlike the AirPods Pro – the ComfoBuds Pro includes ‘Auto Play/Pause’ thanks to built-in infrared sensors for a more convenient handsfree approach to one’s listening experience. Other features include IPX4 water & sweat resistance for that peace of mind whilst working out or using them in the rain, customizable touch controls via the 1MORE MUSIC App for a more tailored user experience, voice assistant compatible with Siri and Google for ease of use, and instant Bluetooth 5.0 paring for that added satisfaction of seeing the buds connect to your device before you even see it. Among other advantages, the ComfoBuds Pro also offers a customizable fit that includes four different silicone ear tip sizes, making it easier for them to fit in your ears for a more long-lasting & comfortable listening experience. The standard AirPods came with a “one size fits most” design up until recently before Apple eventually offered the AirPods Pro with a similar package consisting of three ear tips. 1MORE, however, does it better by offering, one more (pun intended).

For more information on the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro, visit and connect with 1MORE on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.


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