Westone’s New ES40, ES70 and Other IEMs (CanJam 2020)

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00:18 – W vs B Product differences
00:41 – Introducing the ES40 custom
01:04 – Introducing the ES70 custom

Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)

Westone Audio summarized for us their 2 main IEM lines for audiophiles, which are best used for listening to music and not for stage use. But if you do perform on stage, they have some great IEMs for that purpose too.

The W is a reference line with the flatest possible response for high levels of detail. They’re armed with balanced armature drivers with models from the W10 (1 balanced armature) to the W80 (8 balanced armatures).

And B is for bass. Think of the B line as an extension of the W, but with more bass.

Westone at Can Jam 2019

What did Westone show at last year’s CanJam 2019?

An exciting development for them is the availability of a custom version of the W40 called the ES40 (Elite Series). This makes a more affordable version available whereas previously there was only the ES80 and ES60.

A new ES70 is also available, bringing the sound of the 4 high frequency drivers in the W80 with their stage low frequency drivers.

More info: https://www.WestoneAudio.com
Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)


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