Bandai Presents: New Toys for 2021 (Zoom presentation)

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00:00 Bandai USA’s latest toys for 2021
00:04 Tamagochi (ON, Wonder Garden, Originals)
00:56 Tamagochi Collabs (Pac-Man, Hello Kitty, Demon Slayer, Evangelion)

02:01 Rubik’s Charaction Cubes (Hello Kitty, Anime, DC)
03:41 Tippies (Peanuts, Classic Disney)

Action Figures
04:46 Dragon Ball Evolve, 5″
05:24 Dragon Ball Attack, 7″ (action switch)
05:44 Dragon Ball Limit Breaker, 12″
06:23 Dragon Ball Dragon Stars, 6.5″

07:38 Naruto
08:12 Saint Seiya
08:37 One Piece

09:46 Pac-Man Connect-N-Play console
10:18 End

Bandai America shared with us their latest toys for 2021. Some are already available, some are soon to be available, and others will be shared as soon as their designs are finalized.


I remember this being super addictive. There are color screen versions, original versions and collaboration versions (like Pac-Man and Hello Kitty). It’s so popular that they even import Japanese versions with anime brands like Demon Slayer and Evangelion.

Rubik’s Charaction CUBE

It looks like a chibi toy, but is actually a characterized Rubik’s Cube that can be manipulated around. There are some great characters from:

  • Hello Kitty
  • Dragon Ball
  • Gundam
  • Gudetama
  • Naruto
  • Demon Slayer
  • Batman (coming soon)


They look like small Russian dolls with rounded bottoms that stand upright no matter what. They’re cute and fun to play around with since they bobble around and never stop moving. Lovable characters from Peanuts and classic Disney are available, but you should watch the video to see what you can get.

Action Figures

They have several lines of Dragon Ball action figures with some even having a toggle switch to throw a fireball for some other action. And to help set the stage, the Tenkaichi Budokai arena can be assembled and broken down to show damage during fights. The ground can simulate a huge crater for when a character falls hard from the sky.

Some of their other top brands in their Anime Heroes line include Naruto, Saint Seiya and One Piece.

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The Pac-Man Connect-N-Play gaming console is built into the joystick. Simply plug the RCA cables into your tv and you’re off with a choice of 12 classic games. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t use HDMI to connect to your television set – it uses an RCA cable (this cable is shown in the video for those who don’t know.)

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Tamagochi ON — Rubik’s Charaction CUBE (Hello Kitty) — Dragon Ball Limit Breaker (Goku Black Rose) — Pac-Man Connect-N-Play console

More info:
Bandai Virtual Press Event (Feb 3, 2021)


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