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eGlass - In class demo

eGlass is a see-through “whiteboard” with a built-in camera. This is a GREAT idea for distance learning. No more separate camera set-ups or turning back and forth between camera and whiteboard; you look in the same direction whether you’re writing or talking to your audience without breaking off your connection to either one. The mic seems to be on “your side” of the board, so audio should be good too.

Full press release below:

Illuminated Glass Board with a Built-In Camera Finally Restores Eye Contact to Learners

San Diego – March 24, 2021 – The distance learning barrier was just shattered. eGlass by Pathway – first unveiled at ISTE 2021 – is available for immediate pre-order with initial shipments planned for April. By integrating a transparent, glowing writing surface with embedded camera and software, eGlass brings education not just into the 21st century but into the future.

eGlass, created in collaboration with San Diego State University physics professor Matt Anderson, solves an age-old problem for teachers and professors: maintaining engagement with learners as they must turn their back to students while writing on a traditional whiteboard or chalkboard. 

“Engagement goes through the roof as soon as students are introduced to eGlass,” said Marcia Kish, a well known ​blended learning specialist, and founder of DSD Professional Development. “When we get them engaged, we get better test scores and kids want to come to class. Hybrid teaching is not going away – eGlass bridges the gap so teachers can interact with both their virtual and on-site students. This is truly a game changer.” 
Studies have shown that the resulting loss of nonverbal cues and eye contact has a catastrophic impact on retention of information. (Source: Psychology Today)

“I’m proud to report that the chalkboard and whiteboard are now officially obsolete,” explained Ji Shen, CEO and founder of Pathway, the company behind both eGlass and the wildly successful HoverCam line of edtech products. “The problem is simple, but creating the solution wasn’t. Teachers have told us that they need a simple way to engage with their students while writing on a board. After a long and arduous engineering process, we know eGlass delivers, and the initial response has surpassed our expectations – we can’t build them fast enough. We look forward to providing eGlass to everyone who is ready to bring learning into the modern era.”

How it works

eGlass is an all-in-one, transparent writing surface with built-in camera and adjustable lighting that engages students while the teacher writes – making it ideal for remote, hybrid, blended and traditional classrooms. With teachers looking toward the camera, students benefit from seeing facial expressions and gestures, as if they are right in front of the teacher. As the instructor writes on the glass, eGlass’s built-in software automatically flips the image so the writing reads left to right for students. The surface’s embedded LEDs intensify the pen ink with an eye-catching glow that is highly visible on-screen and in person.

Available in 35-inch and 50-inch models, eGlass is easy to set up and use. Instructors simply plug it into a PC, Mac, or Chromebook via USB cable. Bundled intuitive software is fully compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet and more. 

Already a Hit with Educators

While eGlass will begin accepting orders from the general public today, it previously manufactured a limited run of 2,000 units after the device was unveiled in January – which sold out almost immediately.

In addition, feedback from both educators and learners who have already tried out eGlass has been unanimously positive. For example:

  • “As soon as I showed my kids eGlass, they all turned their cameras on. The kids were excited and engaged through the power of the eGlass system. When my principal saw it, he said every teacher needs to have this!” – Andrea Jahnke, art teacher from West Geauga High School in Chesterland, OH.
  • “eGlass is SO COOL. I totally blew my kids’ minds today!” – Delia Bush, 5th Grade teacher, Kenowa Hills Online Learning Academy, Grand Rapids, MI
  • “The new eGlass lightboard is amazing! Game changer for hybrid/remote learning AND Deaf Education” – Natasha Rausch, teacher at The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, MA

Available Now in Multiple SizeseGlass is available in two sizes – 35” and 50”. MSRP is $2,198 for the 35” and $3,298 for the 50” model. Special pricing for the education sector is available which brings the cost of the 35″ model below $1,999 for school districts. To request a quote or to book a demonstration, call 858-750-3499 or email

About Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc.

Based in San Diego, CA, Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2009 by EdTech entrepreneur and inventor, Ji Shen. Pathway is a technology leader in the education market focused on setting the standard for the 21st century classroom. Working closely with the education and technology communities, Pathway’s portfolio of collaborative products, all powered by the company’s social learning interface, include eGlass, a revolutionary transparent writing glass for instructors; and the award winning HoverCam line of document cameras and teaching stations. To date, Pathway’s solutions have been integrated into approximately 400,000 classrooms worldwide. For more information visit

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