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Video: Jump Start Your Car Via Cigaretter Lighter Plug – Cobra XL H20 JumPack

Jump start your car, truck, or anything (civilian) on the road with this powerful 400 amp (600 amp peak) waterproof and UL certified powerpack.

Nasty weather outside? Not a problem, you can forget about the jumper cables and instead, jump start your car via the cigarette lighter plug. Not only that, but this amazing charger lets you charge multiple USB devices via its 3 amp outputs.

Focal Audio

Video: A Sneak Peek at Focal’s Gold and Diamond Utopia Headphones

Focal is presenting their headphone products from their flagship Utopia headphones (developed and made in France), to their Spark and Spark Wireless mobile earbuds. Also on display are their new “Listen” BT wireless headphones, and a sneak peek at their Limited Edition Utopia headphones made in collaboration with Tournaire, a famous French jeweller.