Introducing Globber Scooter and their Innovations (Toy Fair 2020)


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00:25 – Ultimum 3-wheel Design Series (adjustable steering)
01:40 – One NL 2-wheel Series
02:41 – One K E-Motion 15 Electric scooter

Globber Scooters have been selling globally for the past 7 years with focus on innovation and design. They have some great looking products with really thoughtful ideas – and competing with giants of the kickscooter world like Razor.

The Ultimum Series is a 3-wheeled design with adjustable steering, elliptical folding column and handles in 6 height positions. When it’s folded up, you don’t have to carry it – you can pull it along like you do with luggage; in “trolley mode”. This model supports more than 200 lbs.

Globber One NL

The One NL is a 2 wheel design that also supports more than 200 lbs. It has a free-stand mode (no need for a kick stand) and can be folded down with a simple tug of a hook on the steering column – while standing. This is a great design idea for saving our poor backs. The handles can be pulled off and stowed to make it even more compact and also has a trolley mode so you don’t have to carry it.

Globber one K E-motion 15

Finally, Globber showed us their hybrid electric scooter called the One K E-Motion. You can kick manually or use the electric motor by stepping on the accelerator built right on the deck itself; you simply step on it. This model uses a foot clamp fold system which is a bit different, but easy to do while standing up.

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Ultimum 3 wheel — One Nl 205

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Event: Toy Fair 2020 (Jacob Javits Center, NYC – Feb 2020)


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