My Arcade’s 2 Player Contra, Street Fighter & Other Products (Toy Fair 2020)


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00:14 – Contra (micro & handheld players)
00:22 – Introducing CO/VS (2 player link)
01:50 – Street Fighter II

02:41 – Other games include…
03:01 – Space Invaders – true to the original

Remember playing good ‘ol coin-op games with your friends at the arcade? My Arcade miniaturizes them for you in micro and handheld form for easy portability. In addition to classic favorites like Pacman, they now have a 6 button Street Fighter 2 micro player that you can connect using their new (I think patent pending) COVS cable for 2 player challenges.

The most interesting game for me was the curious way they made Space Invaders. Instead of doing the usual thing of putting a game in a little cabinet, they made this one a faithful reproduction of the original – from the 2-way mirror reflective screen to the 100 yen coin slot.

Connecting 2 player games isn’t reserved only for Street Fighter 2. You can use the same COVS cable for a coop game of Contra and Super Contra. Future games are slated for this functionality as well, which is pretty exciting!

More info:
Event: Toy Fair 2020 (Jacob Javits Center, NYC – Feb 2020)


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