vid: Upgrading Asus Strix Scar 15 (2022) – SSD, RAM & Battery

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This video shows you how an Asus Strix Scar 15 laptop (2022 model) is opened up to install a second SSD (m.2 gumstick size), RAM and the battery.

You need to be SUPER careful when opening this particular laptop; there are power cables connected to the cover that you don’t want to damage. Here are the components you can upgrade:

  • 2 x RAM slots — Dual channel DDR5 4800MHz, 64GB max
  • 2 x Storage slots — m.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 4×4
  • 1 x Battery — 90W 4-cell Li-Ion

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Tools & screws
02:18 – Remove power cables – USE CAUTION!!!

03:48 – Component locations overview
04:15 – Battery
05:04 – SSD
05:43 – Memory

06:15 – CAUTION: Re-assembling power cables
07:30 – Test b4 screwing!
09:21 – Conclusion: Screw re-assembly


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