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00:00 – Intro to Kone Pro Gaming Mouse by Roccat
00:30 – Package & Unboxing

01:50 – First impression (I start clicking)
02:29 – Build & Design (product walkthru)
03:58 – Outstanding features (excellent fit & finish!)

05:17 – Gaming with the Kone Pro (Mass Effect 2)
07:54 – What do I think of this after gaming?
08:12 – Under the hood (Sensors & Switches)

09:18 – Introducing Swarm software
09:45 – Driver install process

10:32 – Navigating the complicated interface
11:14 – WARNING – remember this ONE thing
12:09 – Step-by-step example – Let’s customize a profile

14:07 – Change Kone Pro settings WITHOUT Swarm
16:22 – Conclusion & Credits

I say in the conclusion that it works like a Jedi mind trick. You think it’s happening… and it’s actually happened. Well, it feels true for parts of this mouse – and I mean that in a good way.

The Kone Pro is Roccat‘s next iteration of the popular Kone gaming mouse. It builds on things that made it a success with further improvements in this newer version.

It brings to mind competing products that fail over time, but are still selling and never get fixed (which we’re forced to fix ourselves like in this video: )

But seeing companies like Roccat continue making product improvements are a great sign that they’re actively trying to innovate. The Kone Pro and the Kone Pro Air (wireless) is what they’ve come up with.

It’s super light at 66 grams – it almost feels like the weight of a couple of large coins. The housing and different parts fit together fantastically, so running your fingers along the edges are smooth and pleasing. There are almost unnoticeable etched lines where your fingers grip the mouse to keep them from slipping as you move your mouse around. It’s very subtle, but works.

My favorite feature though is the aluminum scroll wheel. It moves like butter and almost feels like it’s not there. It reminds me of F-1 and hypercars where they use carbon fiber and other such light materials to remove as much weight as possible for greater speed. I think maybe the designers are F1 enthusiasts with similar ambitions, but in the world of gaming – to give the mouse a super fast response.

The engine of the Kone Pro is also like an F1 car. Roccat’s Titan optical switches react super quickly because it uses light (like a trip-wire). The selection of physical components surrounding the light will then determine the speed, like the spring tension and so forth. Fascinating stuff.

Settings like DPI, light brightness and modes can be controlled even without using their Swarm software. There’s a ritual of steps to take, but you can do it if you’re not a fan of installing yet more software into your PC. It’s all shown in the video.

More Info:
(Test unit provided by Roccat for this review.)

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Roccat Kone Pro (Wired) — Roccat Kone Pro Air (Wireless)


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