Dark Horse 2020 Product Guide (Toy Fair 2020)


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00:18 – All about Umbrella Academy
02:10 – Cyberpunk 2077 figures (behind-the-scenes insights)
04:38 – The truth about Dark Horse
05:13 – Hellboy & Last of Us II

06:53 – StarCraft
07:49 – Game of Thrones
08:36 – Castlevania Swag
10:07 – Figures (Sonic, My Hero Academia, Zelda, Dark Souls

12:01 – Witcher – Figures & Lifestyle goodies
14:42 – Swag – Cyberpunk, Umbrella Academy
18:18 – Art books – Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Cuphead

Dark Horse isn’t just a comic book publisher. They also license branded properties and design figurines and merchandise – the latest being Cyberpunk 2077 and Umbrella Academy.

But this time, we’re not just taken for a simple product walkthrough; No sir, this time, we’re privy to info that isn’t told to the general public – making us honorary insiders.

John gives us the inside scoop of what went on behind-the-scenes and how some of their products came to fruition. You’ll find out what it’s like to work with the bigger brands; and the smaller ones who are really great to work with because they’re not just making products for fans – they’re fans themselves.

Cyberpunk 2077 – 3 of 5 figures

There are always hurdles along the way – and decisions have to be made to get over them (as they discovered with their new Cyberpunk 2077 figures.) Sometimes you can’t do anything about it; and we find out how close they came to not having anything to show for the Cyberpunk display.

Then there’s the question of how many to make? They pondered this with their first Ellie statue from the game Last of Us Part II. They decided on 500 for the Limited Edition (being that it had a higher price tag)… and sold out in 45 minutes!

A page from Final Fantasy DOT Artbook

I personally love art books and was surprised to find that Dark Horse published them. My favorite one at their booth was the Final Fantasy (FF) DOT artbook featuring 8-bit character art. Amazingly, the book had artwork from all 15 FF games. And if you’re into collecting, the deluxe edition of the Cuphead artbook comes with a lithograph and a stack of cells!

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Event: Toy Fair 2020 (Jacob Javits Center, NYC – Feb 2020)


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