How2: Plug DSLR to a Wall Outlet -No More Batteries! -Video


Watch it on Youtube:

00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – Gonine LP-E6 DC Coupler/ACK-E6 AC Adapter
00:42 – Unboxing

01:21 – Total Length
01:57 – Assembly
02:11 – Battery Insertion (close the door!!!)
02:51 – Plug-in & Test

03:50 – Conclusion
04:01 – Warning

If you shoot videos on a dslr, stop wasting your time swapping & recharging the batteries every few hours. You can power it with a DC coupler that plugs straight into an outlet.

To make it work, you need 2 components; but first figure out your battery type (my Canon 80D uses LP-E6.)

I bought a Gonine product that includes both:

  • The dummy battery (DC coupler, model DR-E6)
  • The power adapter (AC adapter, model ACK-E6)

As the video shows, the dslr records & functions just like it would with a battery (well, it should as long as the AC adapter provides steady power.)

If you hear an electric hum in your audio that wasn’t there with battery power, you’re probably connected to a “dirty” power line with a ground loop issue (you might want to google search “electrical hum ground loop noise”.)

(It shouldn’t apply to this Gonine since it has a ferrite bead choke.)

More info: search “DC coupler for Canon 80D”
Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Gonine ACK-E6 AC Adapter/DR-E6 DC Coupler


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