It’s Not a 3D Pen… You Crank It! Build & Play for Kids (Sweet Suite 2020)


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3Doodler @Sweet Suite 2020

3D Build & Play is a 3D print tool made for kids to introduce them to the world of 3D printing. It’s not like other printer pens; 3Doodler has discovered that younger kids (ages 4-6) need more activity to hold their attention. So what they’ve done is develop a hand-cranked version, giving kids an active component to making things as they crank filament into pre-formed molds.

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The molds are in the form of objects like little animals, and comes paired with a storybook and backdrops. It’s fun storytelling and interactive because you get to create the characters that go on the backdrops of the jungle or city and get to play out the story using your imagination. If you want more backdrops, you can download free printable ones of the beach, outer space or even a carnival from their website.

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The crank part of the 3D Build & Play tool is removable and can be plugged in to both sides for use by either righties or lefties. Since this kit is made for young people, 3Doodler invented a filament that melts in low heat for safety and bio-degradable in household composts. It’s non-toxic, BPA-free and completely safe for young users. These filaments can also be used for the Start pen (ages 6-13).

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