Teddy Pets, In Style & Groomed Pups by Aurora World (Sweet Suite 2020)


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Aurora World @Sweet Suite 2020

There’s a slate of new cuddly animals coming from Aurora World, starting with Teddy Pets. Based off of popular grooming styles, these adorable miniature dogs are the kinds you might see in someone’s handbag and resemble teddy bears. There are 7 different breeds including the brown poodle and chow-chow with purple tongue. They’ll be released sometime during summer of 2020.

Also new for this year is the Eco-nation line – a plush line using 100% recycled materials. And when they say 100%, they mean all of it – including the fur! So even though the stuffing and fur are made from recycled plastic water bottles, they still feel incredibly soft to the touch and look realistic. There will be 20 different varieties from land animals to sea creatures. Availability will be some time around January 2021.

Palm Pals

Palm Pals are super cute! They’re sized just right to fit in your hand and are weighted on the bottom with small pellets of recycled plastic. They feel great and just “plop” into your palm, reminding me of soft bean bags or hackey sack balls. In fact, they’re probably a good size and weight for juggling! There are 15 of these cute animals to choose from, and special editions like Santa Claus, gingerbread man & snowman will be coming out for the holiday season.

Like Palm Pals, the Shoulder Kins have a place they want to be too; sitting right on your shoulder! The secret is the magnet and metal plate; you basically put the plate under your shirt where you want your Shoulder Kin to sit. The magnet in the plush will then stick to the plate and “sit” on your shoulder until you decide to remove it. Til then, you’ll have a friend who’ll happily stick around with you!


You can choose from 9 different Shoulder Kin animal characters and 6 licensed ones from Dr Seuss including Cat in the Hat (available now) and others like Grinch, Max, Thing 1 and Thing 2 (coming for the winter holidays).

All these are available from Aurora World, where recycled materials are used in all their plushies – saving over 400 million plastic bottles every year. Cute, fun and environmentally conscious.

More info: https://www.auroragift.com
Event: Sweet Suite 2020 (July 2020)

https://amzn.to/3h3eUSl — Teddy Pets pomeranian 7”
https://amzn.to/3kT2sH5 — Palm Pals Squiggles the pig 5”
https://amzn.to/2FnTEJ4 — Palm Pals Hedgie the hedgehog 5”
https://amzn.to/343YxkY — Shoulderkins 3-pack (Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 & Thing 2) 7”


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