Help! My Chroma’s Middle Button Doesn’t Click! – How2 Fix


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Don’t ask why, but the Razer Death Adder Chroma is an expensive gaming mouse with an annoying design flaw. Picture your shower drain building up muck until it stops draining completely. That’s basically what happens to the middle scroll button – dust, oils, grime, humidity (your own sweat) builds up until the gooey mess prevents the switch from moving up and down.

Most folks at this point tend to buy a new mouse while uttering profanity and other choice words about Razer. However, if you’re the handy type who’s not afraid to try a fix, follow these instructions with a screw driver, a mini straw and some WD-40. We’ll show you how to make that dang button work again.

A Backgrounder

Our used Death Adder Chroma was an Ebay purchase, and of course the guy who sold it to us “didn’t know” it had this problem. He was of course, selling it for his girlfriend. Yes, of course he was.

At any rate, we searched and found other youtubers’ instructions for a fix, none of which worked. For the mouse to be in such poor shape, it must’ve lived its life in a really humid and dusty environment. We theorized how the microswitch could have been stuck and thought of applying a lubricant or cleaner.

The choice boiled down to either alcohol or WD-40, and since we didn’t have access to the innards of the switch, WD-40 seemed the best option – and we happily uncrossed our fingers after the magic moment of the working click.

Theoretically, this method should work with any brand of mouse. I’ve never come across any other mouse with this problem, however. Apparently, it’s quite a unique trait to the select few, including the Chroma.

If you ARE looking for a replacement mouse and have loyalty to Razer, you might want to try their “Elite” mouse model. If you’d rather try something else, the HyperX Pulsefire Surge comes to mind too.

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