Vid Review: Power Treads -Build your own Race Track!

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It’s the Power Treads toy by WowWee. Grab things from around the house and create your own track! I have my own track creation as well (at time 08:39) – wherein lies:

  • the Electronics Wasteland,
  • the ducky and dollar koi in the Wooden Pond
  • the Origami Ice Forest where the 3 corgi sisters and their mother live

Watch it on Youtube:

00:30 – Unboxing & Assembly

02:48 – Battery SNAFU – I sing the blues
03:43 – Putting together the treads
05:07 – Put legs on your Imperial Walker (aka Power Trekker)

06:10 – Let’s Build Some Tracks
06:32 – Track #1 – Circles
07:04 – Track #2 – Funnels
07:53 – Track #3 – Elevated Ramp (and not just once)
08:39 – Final Track – My Personal Wonderland

09:37 – Conclusion
10:11 – Bloopers – It all goes wrong

More Info:
(Test unit provided by WowWee for this review.)

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link


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