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Panasonic makes personal grooming and maintenance easier! They demo’ed their latest line of hair care products for both men and women (with Amazon affiliate links below – check prices!) including:

Facial trimmer (ER-GM40-K)
This trimmer uses rounded blades, which is especially good for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin. It offers a familiar grip (being shaped like a toothbrush) and comes with 3 attachments for trimming in and around eyebrows, sideburns and neck.

Body groomer (ER-GK80-S)
We’re told this one is super popular with both men and women for being able to reach those “tight spaces” using the V-shaped head. Like the facial trimmer, this model also uses rounded blades for sensitive areas like the groin or buttocks. There’s a cool attachment (included) that lets you dial in the length you want to shave off.

Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W)
Two unique features sets this hair dryer apart. The first is a directional air nozzle attachment that prevents hot spots by shifting airflow left and right (no more twisting your wrist). The second is their nano-e technology that absorbs moisture from the air and directs it into your hair to keep it soft.

Lady Shavers (ES-WL60-G / ES-WL80-V) /
Two versions are available. The ES-WL60-G has 3 blades and a pop-up trimmer for bikini areas while the ES-WL80-V has 4 blades, the pop-up trimmer, a bikini shave attachment, and a variable “floating head” that conforms to the shape of the area it’s on.

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Event: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular (October 2021)


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