New Products for Christmas 2023 -Pepcom Holiday Spectacular!


Event Date: Oct 19, 2023
PAGE UPDATED: Nov 16, 2023

There were several new and amazing products at this Pepcom Holiday Spectacular event that surprised us. It signals a move by the populace towards the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking/camping, digital nomad’ism (work while traveling) or even homesteading.

And of course there were technologies you can use at home that were practical, like lock boxes for package theft prevention and laser crafters for the creatives amongst us.

Our video coverage will include:

  • Midland USA
  • Coop
  • GE Lighting
  • Glowforge
  • NEX
  • Loxx Boxx
  • HP Sprocket
  • Urbanista

Nex Playground @Pepcom 2023

Nex Gaming -No Controllers Needed!
Nex Playground’s motion based games removes the need for controllers

HP Sprocket printers @Pepcom 2023

Print Any Length Panoramas
Made possible by the HP Sprocket Panorama printer using rolls of zinc paper

Urbanista Audio @Pepcom 2023

World’s First – Solar Panel’ed Headset
Uses solar energy for potentially unlimited power; no more cables or sockets! – by Urbanista

Loxx Boxx @Pepcom 2023

Preventing Package Theft
Would-be thieves will have a hard time stealing from your Loxx Boxx

Glowforge @Pepcom 2023

Score, Engrave & Cut
Glowforge Aura is an awesome tool for crafters, works with many types of materials

GE lighting @Pepcom 2023

More Creative Smart Lighting
Modular hex panels can connected. Mix & match with shapelight strips!

Coop -Smart Chicken Coop @Pepcom 2023

Urban Egg Farming made Easier
Eggs too expensive? Farm your own with the Smart Coop

Emergency Radios & Walkie-talkies
The ER-40 is an emergency hand-crank radio that receives national weather service.


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