Farm Your Own Eggs in the Backyard – The Smart Coop @Pepcom Holiday 2023


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Video Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Exterior features

01:00 Interior features
01:07 — Easy to clean
01:31 — Egg laying

02:26 Coop Smart App – Live notifications
03:06 Predator deterence & health monitoring

The rising cost of food, especially eggs, is out of control. To mitigate this, people with backyards (even small ones) are starting to raise their own.

Keeping them safe is the biggest concern, and Coop aims to make this as easy as possible. It’s basically a smart chicken coop for the backyard with real-time monitoring and alerts, predator deterence and easy cleaning.

They showed us how this all worked at the Pepcom event; watch and consider if keeping chickens in your backyard is right for you!

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IG: @thesmartcoop
FB: @coopthechickenapp
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Event: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular (October 2023)
@Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City


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