Pepcom Home Now! Product Showcase (June 2021)

Pepcom HomeNow

Event Date: 6/23/2021
PAGE UPDATED: 07/08/2021

Pepcom’s Home Now! event is a virtual showcase of new products for home and home office. These products are becoming important as more people work from home due to Covid.

Participants include a whole range of exhibitors from the big brands to innovative newcomers, covering products for home office, IOT, entertainment, and more!

Our coverage includes:

  • Lenovo
  • Kingston
  • Verizon
  • Planet Buddies
  • ViewSonic
  • Nooie
  • Arris
  • YouCopia
  • Shure
  • Sharp


Young is a Jack-of-many-trades. He's lived/worked on several continents for all sorts of companies (and has had his own too.) He meditates with origami and likes coffee, though he really should lay off that stuff.

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