Shure MV7 For Podcasters, MV5C for Virtual Meetings (Pepcom Home Now! 2021)


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Shure MV7


The MV7 is a new hybrid microphone by Shure with advanced capabilities that allow it to record excellent sounding audio – in auto mode! It’s designed to make it easier for podcasters and streamers who don’t necessarily have an audio background and need something to make their voice sound great.

For $249, this mic is able to auto level and do all the signal processing right inside the mic before it even reaches your computer for an amazing recording. So if you’re starting up a podcast with little knowledge of the audio aspects of recording, the MV7 could be a great solution.

Audio can be captured through the XLR or USB output and you can listen in by plugging your headphones into the 3.5mm jack. Touch panel controls are on top for gain and headphone volume with several options for auto leveling for gain, such as:

  • Near dark
  • Dark
  • Natural bright
  • Close (distance)
  • Far (distance)

If you’re wondering how it sounds compared to the time tested SV7, Shure tells us that it comes close. While it won’t quite reach the SV7 in an acoustic sense, you also don’t need to pay for an audio engineer, a booster box (to compensate for low gain), nor a big interface. For most people then, the tradeoff is more than worth it and very cost effective.

Shure MV5C


The Shure MV5C is a USB mic for the home office. It’s a great sounding audio upgrade that’s super simple to use, especially for virtual meetings like zoom calls.

It’s a directional mic with digital signal processing, EQ, compression, gain, de-essing and intelligibility all built right in. It’s amazing how the audio stream is processed in real time -inside the mic- before it even reaches your computer. The sound quality of your voice will be much clearer and more present. At least for me, the difference I heard was like night and day.

The back of the mic has a headphone jack, USB port, a mute button and a mode button to on/off toggle processing and headphones. The audio you hear through your headphones will be real time, without latency issues.

The MV5C mic is available now and ships with a USB-A and USB-C cable for $99. For iPhone users with lightning connectors, the original MV5 comes with a lightning cable.

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