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Arris SURFboard mAX

For larger homes, getting wi-fi coverage beyond your living room is made easier with mesh systems like the Arris SURFboard mAX (AX6600). It’s the third product in their SURFboard mAX line and covers all modern wifi needs in regards to speed, range and capacity.

  • Speed – 6,600 Mbps
  • Range – dual units cover 5,500 ft (can be extended with additional units)
  • Capacity – connects up to 150 devices

More than ever, supporting multiple devices is crucial with people working from home and kids taking classes online. A typical family might have to connect several smartphones, laptops, and maybe IOT devices like smart bulbs, doorlocks and doorcams – all of which need internet. The responsibility to juggle all this traffic falls to the wi-fi router. 

Now range is obviously not an issue for small apartments, but if your home or office is larger than 2000 feet, a mesh wi-fi system is an easy, affordable solution to implement. The Arris SURFboard mAX covers this and more, with a starter pack that includes dual units covering 5,500 feet.

For the $400 MSRP, you can choose between:

  • 2 identical mAX units (one main router, one satellite) or
  • mAX unit (main router) and 1 mAX Express (satellite)
Arris SURFboard mAX Express

The SURFboard mAX Express functions as a satellite but has the same technical characteristics as the mAX in a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing body. It plugs directly into a wall socket for power.

Arris SURFboard mAX app

You can always extend the range with additional SURFboard mAX units. Single units go for $250 with a 2,750 ft range each.

For software, Arris offers the SURFboard Central app. With it, you can set up the mesh system, parental controls, guest wi-fi, run speed tests, optimizations and more.

It’s available now on Amazon, BestBuy and

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