News: HYPER Announces World’s First 100W GaN Charger – Sized to a Pack of Playing Cards!


Hyper has miniaturized the power brick to the size of a pack of playing cards! By replacing traditional silicon with newly developed GaN (Gallium Nitrate) components, they’ve enabled something this tiny to ouput a huge amount of power. It delivers 100W to 4 ports (2 x USB-C, 2 x USB-A).

It’s now a kickstarter campaign for half the price of the planned MSRP.

Read the full press release below:

With dual USB-C/USB-A Ports, 4-port credit card size HyperJuice is also the smallest 100W charger

Monday, November 11th, 2019 FREMONT CALIFORNIA – HYPER by Sanho Corporation – makers of the first 100W USB-C battery pack – today announce another portable power first – HyperJuice: the world’s first 100W GaN (Gallium Nitrate) charger.

With dual USB-C and dual USB-A ports, the 4-port credit card size HyperJuice is also the smallest 100W charger on the market, capable of quick charging 4 devices (2 laptops and 2 mobile devices) at the same time.


  • World’s first 100W GaN charger
  • World’s smallest 100W charger. Up to 50% smaller than current traditional chargers
  • 4 ports (2 x USB-C and 2 x USB-A)
  • 2 x USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 (Max 100W)
  • 2 x USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 (Max 18W)
  • Foldable wall plugs with pins converters to work in any country
  • Industry beating low (60ºC exterior housing) temperature
  • Industry leading 95% power efficiency
  • Dimensions: 85.3 x 60.8 x 28.9mm / 3.36″ x 2.39″ x 1.14″

KickPricing Info and Availability:
HYPER is launching the HyperJuice via a Kickstarter campaign which starts today (November 11th, 2019 at 8am PST) and ends on December 9th, 2019. Kickstarter Early Bird Backers will get the HyperJuice for $49, 50% off MSRP of $99.99. HyperJuice is expected to start shipping in January 2020 upon successful Kickstarter funding.

About HYPER by Sanho Corporation:
Celebrating our 14th year in business in 2019, HYPER by Sanho Corporation is a dynamic team based in Silicon Valley, California. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge IT & mobile accessories with a focus on Apple, portable power, data storage & connectivity products. We hold the records of the Most Kickstarter funded MacBook accessory, USB-C hub, iPhone storage, wireless charger, and battery pack. HYPER has previously successfully launched and shipped 21 other crowdfunding projects to over 94000 backers, raising over $9.22 million dollars in total.


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