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Planet Buddies headphones

Planet Buddies newest product is a wireless Bluetooth children’s headphone featuring 3 of their adorable characters: Pepper the penguin, Olive the owl and Pippin the panda.

It’s got a 38 hours battery life and a built in mic for online classes, and works with both Android and iOS phones and tablets. As added protection from hearing loss, the volume is limited to 85dB (as recommended by the World Health Org.) The product will be available starting in August.

If wireless isn’t your thing, Planet Buddies also have wired versions for all six of their characters. Music and audio can be shared using the extra audio port that connects two of them. It works great when you have two kids watching the same video or taking the same class on one tablet.

If you don’t know about Planet Buddies, they offer eye-catching children’s accessories (for 3-12 year olds) like headphones and speakers that help promote awareness of endangered animals. Their most popular headphones feature fuzzy ears of Charlie the tiger and Pippin the panda, and regularly seem to sell out at Best Buy.

Each product attempts to teach something about the endangered animal that adorns it, and how the user can help it survive by living a more environmentally conscious life. The company isn’t all talk either; they use 100% recycled packaging without plastics and donate a portion of their revenue to the World Land Trust and the Marine Conservation Society. These two organizations help protect threatened habitats over land and sea.

It’s not just tech either. If you look at some of their other lines, they include things like:

  • Car seat organizers
  • Kid’s lunch bags
  • Tablet cushion stands
  • Plush holder/screen wiper
  • Bluetooth speakers

Check out their website to see what else they have!

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