Etymotic Etymotion BT & 2020 Earbud Lineup (CanJam2020)

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00:31 – ER2 SE / ER3 XR
01:12 – ER3 SE / ER3 XR
01:39 – ER4 SR / XR – FLAGSHIP
02:31 – Etymotion BT Bluetooth Cable

Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)

Etymotic are one of the first ever companies to come out with Hi-Fi IEMs, historically coming from hearing aid products. Their knowledge of how the ears work give them a unique perspective when developing audio products – so good in fact, they haven’t had to deviate much from their original ER4 flagship design.

What Do All the Acronyms Mean?
SE – Studio Edition (flat frequency response for greater accuracy)
XR – eXtended Response (added bass)
SR – Studio Reference

  • The ER2 use dynamic drivers
  • The ER3 use balanced armature drivers
  • The ER4 are their flagship models with balanced armature drivers

The newest announcement, Etymotion BT is a bluetooth attachment for Etymotic earphones. Unlike most companies, they use the Qualcomm bluetooth chip only for the bluetooth function. But to retain the sound signature of the Etymotics, they instead utilize an AKM Digital-to-Audio Converter and sound amplifier.

The Etymotion BT will be available in April 2020.

More info:
Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)


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