Light, Affordable Laptop, All Day Battery – Asus E410 Video REVIEW

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00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Unboxing
01:26 – Who is this laptop for?

01:49 – Top 3 Pros
03:13 – Top 3 Cons (The webcam is THE WORST!)

06:23 – Product Walkthrough, Ports & Functions
09:10 — The trackpad is THE BEST!

10:22 – The Hardware Inside
10:56 — Lose the OS, It’s AWFUL

12:21 – Apps – How fast do they load?
15:02 – Conclusion

The Asus E410 costs under $300 with a battery that lasts all day (up to 12 hours). Best for productivity like word documents, spreadsheets & web browsing. Watching videos is fine too, but battery life will go down to 6+ hours (still great though).

WARNING : Not for gamers, video editors and the like who need heavy processing power and a discrete GPU. For everyone else, this is really a great laptop and worth the money.

+ PRO: Great battery life, lightweight, Has the BEST trackpad
CON: Crappy VGA (640×480) webcam

More Info:
(This unit was purchased with our own funds)

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Asus E410 laptop


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